Cryptoparagraph Fund is a unique investing instrument combined of cryptocurrencies. The Crypto Fund is determined by the public votes, who will be able to choose among 70+ cryptocurrencies. At the end of each quarter, the fund’s structure will be rebalanced, considering the top voted cryptocurrencies. For better performance, the structure will also be reviewed by professional traders. The fund is operated and managed by the ICONOMI platform, where anyone has the option to invest in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my vote affect the fund structure?

Every vote will count. The more votes, the asset will get, the higher weight it will have in the structure of the fund.

How can I invest in CryptoParagraph Crypto Fund?

Investing in the fund is very simple through the ICONOMI platform. Click here for the Fund’s page on ICONOMI.

What’s the major advantage of investing in such a fund?

It will save a lot of your time since you don’t have to hop from one exchange to another but invest in multiple cryptocurrencies at once – with one click.

Furthermore, you are taking advantage of the wisdom of the crowd as well as the expertise of the world’s best crypto analysts. Crypto Fund is also regularly updated and adjusted based on the market movements. And last, by investing in the Crypto Fund you will add diversification to your investment portfolio.

How will the rebalancing of the fund work?

The Fund will be rebalanced according to the market movements; rebalancing takes place every 30 days on average.

Are there any management fees involved in the fund?

The fee is constructed of a minor 1% annual management fee and a 10% revenue share (on profits only). The fee is considered moderate and fair and in accordingly with other funds like this.

What is diversification, and why is it important?

Diversification means spreading your investments in various asset classes, or the crypto world, in multiple cryptocurrencies. With a Crypto Fund, a collection of multiple cryptocurrencies put together in one basket, the diversification is done for you already.

Diversifying investments is less risky since it averages out the returns across the selected cryptocurrencies that you hold.

Who manages the CryptoParagraph Crypto Fund?

The fund is managed by ICONOMI, with the advice of the CryptoParagraph’s analyst team.

Who is the custodian of the fund?

Custodian of the Crypto Fund is ICONOMI with its institutional-grade security system.


ICONOMI is a cryptocurrency platform designed for beginners and experienced investors alike.
A lot of effort is put into removing all the complexity of blockchain and to provide the best user experience. As an established and trusted platform, ICONOMI is one of the easiest ways for everyone to get started, and it is available in 182 countries.

Why did you choose ICONOMI to create the CryptoParagraph fund?

ICONOMI introduced Crypto Funds managed by ICONOMI Experts already in 2017, while this June it became the first company in the world that has enabled the creation of Crypto Funds to everyone, meaning that as of now anyone can create and manage their own Crypto Fund.

With the proven track record in creating Crypto Funds, we have decided to choose them for being our partner in this project.

Is ICONOMI holding real cryptocurrencies to back the fund?

Yes, ICONOMI is holding 100% of the crypto funds’ underlying assets.